It was another great day at #EC18. This year’s conference, as No Jitter Publisher, Eric Krapf, stated, is one of the biggest in its 28-year history.

A high point for us was the Havana Nights party. We enjoyed special drinks, tasty bites, hand-rolled cigars, and got to take home some festive hats. It was a great time to relax, mingle and connect with peers on hot topics from  the day.

During the day in the various sessions and conversations at the booth, we heard from IT professionals, vendors, and analysts about how companies are bringing new technologies and strategies into their organizations. The process is often challenging if not restricting. But three steps rose to the top from those who have transformed their  business with communications and collaboration technologies:

  • Identify your communications goals.
  • Commit to a solution.
  • Integrate your solution with your other business apps.

Each enterprise is unique. And all business use cases are not exactly the same. For example, Structural Group CIO, Jason Kasch, has 3,500 employees distributed around the world at project sites, hanging on the side of scaffolding more often than they are found in a traditional office.  

Many companies find that full commitment to a solution produces great results. Kasch’s company committed to RingCentral’s collaborative communications solution six years ago. First on voice, they then added voice, meetings, team messaging. Before the RingCentral installation, they did not fully realize what a difference one solution could make, but a single click to talk or message solved problems they did not even know they had.

At our booth, we spoke to a number of businesses today about building their communications goals. Technologies like Alexa are finding their way into the workplace, adding amazing new opportunities for businesses to think big and try something new and interesting with their teams.

It is an innovative year for contact center as well. At yesterday’s session, as well as in our booth, Collaborative Contact Center, was shown in action revolutionizing customer relationships.

Integrating your contact center into your collaboration strategy further future proofs your contact center, allowing continuous releases and integration with key business tools. “AI and bots are key, providing self-service at the front-end, and the system can learn as you go,” says John Finch, AVP of Contact Center, Product Marketing at RingCentral. He added that these contacts feed into sales and service, making money and retaining customers.”

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We are looking forward to more sessions today and opportunities to connect with you. Stop by Booth #1907 to explore how RingCentral communications and collaboration solutions bring to life the power of connection.