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Enterprise Connect Day Three Wrap-up: Collaboration is King

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As we concluded the last full day of the conference, we can state that the word most frequently discussed was collaboration. Enterprises are turning to collaboration to give their employees the time and context to actually get work done.

We saw this with David Sipes, RingCentral’s COO, in his Industry Vision keynote today, where he used examples from healthcare, manufacturing, and the engineering sector. To set the context he discussed the Charlie Chaplin movie, Modern Times, where Chaplin played a worker who was able to keep up for a while with the pace of his work until the pace got out of control and a distraction happened, and then the whole work day fell apart.

Sipes related this analogy to today’s digital workplace and cited a recent survey of 2,000 users that showed workers are losing an hour a day — 32 days each year — keeping up with their various communications applications. And each time someone switches between modalities it adds distraction and loss of context – like walking into your living room and trying to remember why you walked there in the first place.

We’ve slipped into this lifestyle so gradually, he said, that you almost need to see a picture of the “old days” to believe we have not always been an “always on” workforce. People now assume that they should be in some contact with work and always on, even while on vacation.

The solution: “Two-thirds of employees want a single communications platform to increase productivity, provide better management, save time, and allow better communications with their colleagues,” Sipes said.

He closed by saying a globally unified cloud communications solution with voice, video, online meetings, team messaging and contact center with open APIs will give end users and IT the solution they need.

And in the RingCentral booth we were able to show all this in action. We had a great time speaking with professionals about the communications challenges they face in their workplaces. We also demonstrated how RingCentral can partner with them to create better systems for their teams.

Along with Okta and World Vision, who joined us in our booth, we showed the various pieces of our collaborative communications experience. Through theater presentations and custom demonstrations we showed how our solution allows a one-stop home base for all modes of communications and effective collaboration in the workplace. With the ability to make a call, start a meeting or a video chat with one-click and one-tap, they can now be more productive working from wherever they are and from whatever device they choose.

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For more information on how communications and collaboration complexity is impacting the workplace and how you can address this, check out our recent report, From Workplace Chaos to Zen: How App Overload Is Reshaping the Digital Workplace.

Originally published Mar 15, 2018, updated Aug 11, 2020

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