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What Workers Want From an Enterprise Communication Solution

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As we covered in the first post of our three-part blog series related to a recent digital workplace research report, the majority of workers today spend at least an hour a day toggling between different communications apps – a serious drain on productivity that is only threatening to get worse.

What’s the solution to this workplace chaos?

One Enterprise Communication Solution

The sheer number of communications apps is at the heart of the issue. Half of workers today use more than four communications apps, so it’s no surprise they’re feeling overwhelmed. According to the majority of workers, the solution is a single platform that  unifies all communications capabilities.

Two-thirds of workers want a single platform for all their communications, according to a @RingCentral study Click To Tweet

A single platform provides workers with a centralized hub for collaboration and communication, eliminating the need for toggling between separate apps. But that’s not the only reason workers want one platform to rule them all.

A Single Cloud Communications Platform Solves Workplace Chaos

The benefits of a unified communications approach are myriad, but a few in particular are most appealing to workers. Workers believe a single cloud communications platform enhances efficiency, improves productivity, and reduces stress. That translates to more effective and satisfied employees.






Top Benefits of a Unified Communications Approach

Our research found that workers believe an integrated and unified approach to enterprise communications will help them:

Every enterprise can benefit from a single communications platform. For more insights, download our research report on how app overload is reshaping the digital workplace and discover how you can simplify your enterprise communication solutions today.

Stay tuned for the final post in our three-part blog series, which will explore the disconnect between the C-Suite and workers as it relates to enterprise communications.

Originally published May 30, 2018, updated Aug 11, 2020

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