Halfway through 2013, we published a list of the features our product and engineering teams had added to RingCentral Office. We kept up a torrid pace of innovation in the latter six months of the year – here’s what Office has gained since June!

Mobile App Enhancements

Our iOS and Android apps have been undergoing nearly constant revisions. In the past few months, the RingCentral mobile app has gained intercom and call park support (on VoIP calls), an improved dialing experience with contact and favorites shortcut keys, better group search options and integration with Box.com.

blog_image_call_handling_3 Plus, you can now “broadcast” text messages from within the app (i.e., send the same message to multiple recipients). This isn’t a group-text feature like iMessage, however – the people you message will have to respond to you individually.

Department Call Recording

We introduced automatic call recording about a year ago – but a compatibility issue on our platform prevented department calls from being recorded automatically. We recently rectified that with a software patch.

Security Improvements

Previously, RingCentral accounts had a single numeric password. Now, new customers and existing customers who opt to reset their passwords will be prompted to set up two unique passwords – an alphanumeric one for accessing the online account interface and a PIN for accessing voicemail.

This dual-layer password system will significantly improve the security of all accounts and limit fraudulent account activity.

Full UK Support

RingCentral Fax and Professional plans have been available in the UK for some time. This summer saw the launch of Office in the UK, with many of the same features enjoyed by North American Office customers – an auto-receptionist, integrations with Salesforce.com and other cloud apps, intercom, automatic call recording and much more.

New Polycom Phones

Two great new Polycom desk phones were launched this summer: the VVX-310 (with 6-line support and the ability to view 4 Presence extensions) and the VVX-410 (with support for 12 lines and 10 Presence extensions).

blog_image_conferencing_4 Paging

Operate a supermarket or warehouse (or just want to have some fun with your colleagues)? Paging – included free in all Office editions – is just the ticket.

With Paging activated, you can send quick one-way voice messages to certain devices (including CyberData overhead paging modules). Paging even works with the RingCentral mobile app for iOS and Android (for outbound pages only).

Shared Lines

A feature for which we’ve seen a lot of demand, Shared Lines allows multiple desk phones to share the same local or toll-free number. That means you and your colleagues will never miss a call – and transfers will become a thing of the past. Simply place a call on hold and it can be picked up instantaneously by another user in your Shared Line group.


An exciting mystery feature will be coming along shortly, so stay tuned! (The feature is on this list because it’s ready to ship – we just won’t be marketing it until late January).


Want to learn more about what’s included in RingCentral Office? Visit the Office How It Works page – and don’t hesitate to use our website’s Sales Chat feature to speak with a product expert!