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Empowering Today’s Workforce with Modern Communications Tools


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switchboard When DMEautomotive (DMEa) swapped out their PBX phone system for a cloud-based communications system from RingCentral, they were looking to free IT resources for strategic initiatives and provide a greater degree of safeguards in the event of outages.

They also wanted to empower their employees by giving them better tools to work with. Productivity was important, and so was the desire to make employees happier by providing a greater degree of work-life balance.

DMEa’s business depends on employee collaboration, yet their employees live and work in different cities. RingCentral allows these employees to connect and collaborate from anywhere by phone, business text, fax, online meetings and HD video conferencing.

Because employees can use their own smartphones, there’s less ramp-up time required to become familiar with new tools. In addition, the RingCentral mobile app essentially transforms an employee’s mobile phone into a desk phone and office PC by providing access to work documents. Mobile and remote workers have access to voicemail, fax, email, and all other company communications as if they are working in the office.

The sense of empowerment even extends to set-up and management of each device. Minimal IT involvement is required, enabling workers to get down to business faster and be more productive.

RingCentral’s cloud communications system meets the evolving requirements of SMBs and larger enterprises by enabling collaboration from anywhere. The results prove it’s working for DMEautomotive, and it can work for your business too!

To learn more about empowering a workforce, get the Frost & Sullivan “Market Leadership Assessment: Empowering Today’s Diverse Workforce Through Cloud Communications.

Originally published Feb 24, 2015, updated Aug 12, 2020

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