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8 Ideas for Leveraging Your Phone System This Holiday Season

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holidaylights That busy time between Thanksgiving and January 1st can be extremely hectic for business owners who are scrambling to spread the word about holiday promotions while also attending celebrations. Too often, little details get forgotten – somewhere between purchasing customer gifts and decking the halls with boughs of holly.

Keeping your business running as usual during the holidays requires a little advance planning and an easy-to-use phone system that supports your marketing efforts and streamlines your communications. With the holidays quickly approaching, we thought it would be helpful to share some ideas for getting the most from your business phone system during this busy season.

Idea 1: Provide a Holiday Greeting

For most businesses, call volumes increase before the holidays. While it’s great to be able to answer every call personally, this might not always be possible. But this time of year provides the perfect opportunity to use RingCentral’s auto-receptionist feature to provide a customized holiday greeting and to thank customers for their business.

Idea 2: Mention Seasonal Promotions

Do you have holiday promotions, discounts or sales? If so, your phone system can become one of your best selling tools. Record an on-hold message detailing what you have to offer this season. Your callers are a captive audience while they’re waiting to speak to you, so why not use this time to up-sell and cross-sell what you have to offer?

Idea 3: Play Holiday Tunes

RingCentral offers many music on-hold options – including holiday music. It can help put your customers in a jolly mood long enough for you to answer their calls.

Idea 4: Be Available Even When You’re Out of the Office

When you’re out trying to buy that 25-lb turkey for your family feast, customers might still be trying to call you. Use call forwarding to make sure that you can be reached wherever you may be during the holidays. It’s OK to get away for a few extra hours this time of the year, but just make sure that your calls are forwarded to your mobile or other number, so that you’ll be available even when you’re not in the office.

Idea 5: Receive Faxes While You’re at the Holiday Party

Waiting for a fax at the office can be a real drag when you’d rather be out shopping or celebrating. With RingCentral, faxes are received 24/7 just like calls and can be viewed from any phone or your PC. So get out there and enjoy the holidays – you can feel confident that when a fax arrives, you’ll be able to get it wherever you may be.

Idea 6: Set Santa Up with His Own Extension

Want some good PR this holiday? Let the kids call Santa at his own extension. It’s easy to set up an exclusive extension for Ol’ Saint Nick, and you can encourage your customers and their kids to call up to speak to him directly.

Idea 7: Record a Holiday Schedule Message

Record an informative voicemail message to let your customers know your holiday schedule, who to contact for urgent situations and when you’ll be returning to regular work hours. Your customers will appreciate the information, and it will cut down on the number of questions you have to field before the holidays begin.

Idea 8: Take RingCentral on the Road

Heading out of town this holiday? Not a problem with RingCentral’s apps-to-go, which can be used from your mobile device. RingCentral even has an app for your iPhone! Whether you’re relaxing in the ski lodge or enjoying the Wi-Fi on a cross-country flight, you’ll have access to the features you need to keep your business going.

Originally published Oct 26, 2010, updated Aug 12, 2020

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