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Earth Month: Educating the next generation at RingCentral


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At RingCentral, we’re all about reducing emissions, unnecessary printing, and wasteful devices. It’s a part of why we work in cloud communications! 

Our solution is purely cloud-based, meaning that we never have to manufacture or ship physical products across the world. Best of all, it enables people to work from anywhere—a cornerstone of a better environment.

But even though our solution has minimal footprints, we believe it’s our responsibility to proactively contribute to our planet. That’s why we’ve developed unique ways to give back to the environment and made a public commitment to do more. But it goes beyond that.  

Giving back to our communities is a huge part of RingCentral culture.

This year, we aimed to celebrate Earth Month by educating our employees and their families and children through unique and fun programming, all aimed at incorporating sustainability and conservation in easy ways. 

Below are a few highlights of some of the great events we hosted for Earth Month:

Kitchen Conversations

Employee Programs and Guckenhiemer, RingCentral’s food services partner, hosted a two-part series covering sustainability tips for the home and kitchen. 

We learned about composting, sustainably sourced foods, responsibly sourced chocolate, and more. A few quotes from the organizers:

“Sustainability is not just important to me. It’s important to us! All of us! We can no longer claim ignorance for our actions: both consumers and corporations alike. This is why I enjoyed partnering with Alter Eco and examining their model of a full circle sustainable company.”  -Dan Root, Food Services Manager

“We helped people understand what they can do through their day-to-day lives in making the world a better place for future generations. During our Kitchen Conversations around sustainability, we wanted to give employees meaningful facts and tricks to make their kitchens a greener place.”  -Allyson Gee, Manager, Employee Programs

Oakland Zoo: Family Virtual Field Trip

RCause, RingCentrals’ signature Corporate Social Responsibility program, hosted friends from the Oakland Zoo for a furry (and scaly!) meet and greet. Together with our families and little ones, we learned about the importance of conservation, and got to see some incredible animals too. Want to visit the Oakland Zoo? Learn more here, or consider visiting your own local zoo.

Earth Day Storytime with RingCentral Toastmasters

Our RingCentral chapter of Toastmasters came together to read children’s books all about sustainability, conservation, and the environment. Our employees gathered with their little ones and families and we listened to our Toastmasters read inspiring stories such as:

At RingCentral we prioritize ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) efforts, and we want to empower and inspire our next generation of leaders to do the same. Focusing on children’s education this Earth Month allowed us to help students to understand how their decisions and actions that affect their environment. We want to equip young people with the knowledge set and skills that are necessary to address complicated environmental issues. Because when we invest in our environment and our next generation, we invest in the future. 

Happy Earth Month!

Curious about RingCentral’s ESG efforts? Learn more about RCause, our signature Corporate Social Responsibility program here.

Originally published May 11, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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