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Drive Productivity by Integrating Your Business Apps with RingCentral

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Connected intelligence. That’s what we’re building at RingCentral. You may wonder what connected intelligence means and why it is important for you and your business.

With our latest integration announcements, RingCentral for Gmail, RingCentral for Slack, and RingCentral for Alexa Skills—we’re proud to showcase our innovation by presenting your business with connected intelligence, which are the best apps to communicate, collaborate, and connect with employees, customers, and partners.

Cloud-based applications such as Salesforce, Google Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics, Dropbox, Box, and Okta power productivity, enable storage, and enhance services that are table stakes for any business to operate.

Imagine a sales agent having only one application open on their PC to answer calls, make calls, or log critical information about an important account. It’s not only a great concept; it’s a reality with RingCentral for Salesforce. This integration, as well as integrations with other CRM applications, is available in the RingCentral App Gallery. How nice would it be for you to click on a phone number and make a phone call from within your Chrome browser? Sounds complicated, but it’s not—all you have to do is get a ready-to-use app integration and let the RingCentral platform do the work for you.

The ability to integrate communications into core business apps and break down silos of data is key to drive productivity, improve customer service, and accelerate the sales cycle. RingCentral frees up your business to focus on the end game: revenue, agility, and customer satisfaction.

RingCentral was born in the cloud, eliminating the need for our customers to install and maintain the costly and complex hardware and software of an on-premises PBX. Deep integrations enabled by RingCentral, such as click-to-dial from Microsoft 365 or screen pop on Salesforce, would be infeasible with legacy on-premises communications solutions. Our mantra is to take these once multi-step tasks and make them accessible with only a click or a tap.

At RingCentral, we’re committed to integrating our leading communications and collaboration capabilities with the applications your business relies on daily. Eliminating the hassle of switching between applications removes the friction that prevents a sales or service agent from providing the best customer experience or response time crucial to their business.

Elevate your business with RingCentral, and find the apps that work for you on our App Gallery.

Originally published Oct 25, 2017, updated Aug 11, 2020

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