Dracula Industries International Upgrades Global Communications with Virtual PBX

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kid-6503-halloween-blog-image Dracula Industries International (DII) is the largest and oldest vampire-owned corporation with offices in Hungary, London, and the US. Six months ago, DII moved its phone system to the cloud with RingCentral. We sat down with CEO, Count Dracula, to discuss the transition to cloud and the challenges they have since overcome.

RingCentral: Tell us how you got your start and how communications are critical to your business.

Count Dracula, CEO: We have a number of businesses, from medical device manufacturing, organic farming, to a boutique bed and breakfast. I started this company over 400 years ago, and in that time the changes have been considerable. Communications have always been fundamental to what we do. At first, most messages were transmitted by horse or, if speed was of the essence, by carrier pigeon. Thinking now about the always-on, always-connected world we live in, it seems like 20 lifetimes ago. Since then, we have shifted globally while expanding our portfolio. Not to reminisce too much, but I remember the first time we sent a message across the ocean. That was pretty exciting. Now I’m able to send an SMS message from my mobile phone from anywhere in the castle to our teams around the world.

Many people immediately think we must manufacture, you know, devices for blood transfusion or the like. That joke never gets old. But really we manufacture two products: garlic-and-silver allergy medication and a high SPF sunblock. Global warming as it is has really extended the market for the latter. In summer, we can barely keep up with the demand.

As you can imagine, communication is critical to this.

RingCentral: What were you previously using for a phone system and what challenges caused you to consider a new system?

Dracula: Our IT teams can tell you the specifics, but the biggest challenge for us is growth. We were using a dated PBX at each location. At headquarters, the PBX shared a large space in the basement by the coffins where our leadership team is sleeping this century. Finding a consultant willing to make moves, adds, and changes in such a space was challenging enough. But the catalyst was the sunscreen demand mentioned earlier. We had to double our staff overnight and the system could not take it.

The cloud, and specifically, the RingCentral virtual PBX removes this entirely.

Mobility was also a big benefit. Being able to access communications from my home office in a deep underground catacomb where cell service is not available has been a significant benefit for running daytime operations.

RingCentral: What other features does your team use?

Dracula: As you imagine, I work nights, so that happens to be ideal for scheduling meetings with our US office. I also don’t show up on camera, so allowing for flexibility in screen sharing or voice-only options is a really nice way of sharing information with teams and partners around the world.

RingCentral: In a way, you could say that RingCentral was a stake through the heart of your communications challenges?


RingCentral: Moving on. Have you tried Glip?

Dracula: We just started, but the results have been strong already. Our boutique hotel is one of a kind. Until recent modernization efforts, we were still using the same dated everything, right down to the skeleton keys used to open doors. The world has changed, and staying in a damp, drafty castle does not appeal to a now largely living customer base. Keeping with this modernization, Glip has allowed our entire team to communicate through the smart devices they carry every day versus regular old telepathic mind control. This has freed up our staff to operate with an independence never thought possible before. The horsemen who drive guests to the front gate are able to communicate directly with the front desk; reservations can share files with management—we are now all on the same system. This is just one example of many. Its like removing the dense forest fog on our communications.

Originally published Oct 31, 2016, updated Aug 07, 2020

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