openforbusiness The benefits of having a toll-free number for your company are obvious. Having an 800 number enables you to attract business from outside of your local calling area. It can also help build credibility, and it’s portable if your firm should ever relocate.

So, is there really a need to have a local number? The answer is yes! Having a local number is a smart marketing decision that can maximize your ability to attract new customers.

It Can Help Build a Local Presence

A local business phone number can enable you to build a presence through listings in local phone books and business publications. It can also improve your ranking in online search results. With Google’s recent launch of “Place Search,” which combines Google’s algorithms for both local and organic listings, there are more localized results for searches than ever. Having a local number can be a major benefit if you want to grab new business from customers searching online for local companies.

It Can Create a Sense of Community

A local number also communicates that you’re part of a community. This presence establishes a connection with both customers and potential customers. Your company isn’t just a faceless entity – rather, it’s a business that’s connected with a specific location and its residents.

Having a local number can be a strategic tool for acquiring business in your immediate area. And when combined with a toll-free number, it can give you the ability to attract local and national customers.  With RingCentral, you can have both and have them forwarded to one location.