webinar team collaboration Does More Tech Equal Better Team Collaboration? A panel discussion on five key questions about collaboration tools.

In this increasingly distributed work world, close collaboration among employees can’t be taken for granted. But what does it take to keep your employees engaged, connected, and motivated? In this interactive webinar, our panelists discuss the foundations of effective team dynamics, what work-stream conversation and collaboration means today, and how collaboration tools can impact employee productivity.

Effective team collaboration is a key differentiator of successful companies. And because technology, teams, and the corporate environment are constantly shifting, the ways people work need to change with it. With new unification platforms emerging, the communications evolution is happening now. Through easier ways to communicate, transparency, and innovative ways to share information, business productivity and creativity increase.

On Wednesday, July 29 at 10:00am PST, please join members of our RingCentral team, Jim Payne, David Van Der Steen, and Niel Levonius, for this dynamic and interactive discussion.

The moderator of this webinar is Robert Murphy, Content Marketing Manager at RingCentral. Here is a quick look at Robert Murphy:

What is you role at RingCentral?

“I work on the development of content (product videos, blogs, web pages, case studies, etc.) and placing that content in the right location at the right time.”

Where do you get inspiration?

“I’m very curious and constantly exploring. We live in an amazing time in which so much information is available in our hands any time we want. The hard part is learning to pick and choose what to dedicate time to and what to ignore. Most recently I’ve been exploring biographies on prominent leaders and inventors.”

What’s your favorite book?

“How can I possibly narrow to one? The most interesting read I’ve taken on so far this year has been Endurance, the story of Ernest Shakelton’s failed voyage across Antarctica. It’s interesting to read a story about failure. But that failure simply becomes the backdrop for an amazing story about survival and perseverance.”

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