Drone hobbyists and professional business executives rejoice! Ozone for RingCentral is swooping into the business communications marketplace. Take the best of video conferencing and mount it on a cutting-edge quadcopter and you have the most premium innovation in business telecom since propellers first diced restricted airspace, and business people invented the Confident Steady Eye Contact power move (handshakes would be hazardous to your health using Ozone for RingCentral).

Aviation history will never be the same again and you’ll be able to work from your Jacuzzi like never before. With Ozone for RingCentral, it’s like you’re in the office, only you’re blasting several Gs of cool air through the corridors, joining conferences in high-definition video, hovering by your coworkers for dynamic collaboration, and supervising the window washers, and of course, your bottom line. Drone on!

Learn more about RingCentral’s cloud communications system here.