RC_Socialads_700X400_LinkedIn_PW1 I was recently asked to appear in a video about how we use RingCentral at ProsperWorks. What came to mind as we shot this video was just how critical it is for salespeople to stay closely connected with their customers. This is a given in every company, but in today’s market, that connection must be close regardless of the communications method they choose, and it must be available anywhere. Sales reps not only need that communications functionality, but also call metrics to be more effective and drive our company’s success.

ProsperWorks is the world’s first zero-input CRM system. It was built specifically for Google Apps for Work to help companies drive innovation and realize their full sales potential by using CRM. We adopted RingCentral to provide our sales reps with the reliable, efficient, omnichannel business communications functionality and information they need to connect with their customers and prospects worldwide and achieve our ambitious growth objectives.

RingCentral has proven to be a solution we can count on on a day-to-day basis to provide our sales reps with what they need to win.

I genuinely believe RingCental is the most advanced, effective, global omnichannel business communications solution available. It’s made a significant, positive impact on our business, and I believe it can do the same for yours. I encourage you to view this video and hope it will inspire you to think about how this communications solution can impact your business.