Imagine you run a business that provides consultancy services. You have tasked Sally with servicing special accounts and Fred with corporate clients.

If you’d like to avoid the expense of purchasing additional phone numbers to dedicate to each employee’s extension, how do you set up your RingCentral account so that Sally’s clients’ calls goes to Sally’s extension and Fred’s to Fred’s extension based on the incoming caller ID?

Using the Company Rules Feature on Your RingCentral Account

One function of RingCentral’s Rules Feature allows you to filter incoming calls based on caller ID (From). It can also filter based on which number the employee calls (To), as well as by day, date and time (When). After checking on all these conditions or filters, it will route the caller to whichever extension (for example, Sally’s for special accounts) or department is indicated (Action).

To set up the rule to route Sally’s calls from your online account, simply go to the Company Settings tab, click on Company Rules and then follow the prompts. Remember to use the “… route callers directly to extension” option on the Rule Action page.

As you assign additional customers to Sally, you can always go back by clicking on the Company Rules link, then Sally’s Accounts link (on the Company Menu Rules page), to add additional incoming (From) phone numbers. In the same way, you can edit other attributes of the Company Rules associated with Sally’s Accounts.

Lastly, you can extend the use of your Company Rules feature to have certain customers routed to a specific department.