sikka call optimizer Every day, clients are calling your office looking for wellness and emergency care for their pets. These calls establish important first impressions. How your front desk staff responds to these queries is largely dependent on the information and resources they have at hand. Searching through files and digital records is time-consuming, causes delays and leaves other clients waiting on hold.

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A new integration from Sikka Software for RingCentral, Inc. facilitates improved telephone interactions. With Call Optimizer, when a client calls a panel appears automatically on your computer with the details needed to book appointments and answer some of the most common types of questions. This is made possible by the Sikka Platform Cloud, which connects 96% of practice management systems to RingCentral’s cloud communications platform. Data includes:

  • Contact information: The client’s name, photo and contact information appear so your staff has the information they need to address the client by name for a more personal interaction.
  • Pet information: Instantly know pet-specific details including species, breed and age of each animal. Key information includes previous and upcoming appointments dates, vaccinations and heartworm testing. Data allows for quick answers to questions regarding care. The application also provides medical notes; for example, if the animal needs a teeth cleaning, your front desk will see a notification and can ensure the client schedules the appropriate appointment.
  • Accounts Receivables: If you are not paid within 60 days of providing service, the likelihood of you ever receiving payment decreases significantly. With Call Optimizer, the client’s accounts receivable balance is visible when they call, allowing the front desk to remind the client of outstanding balances and to collect on the amount due before significant time lapses.
  • Insurance Details: Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular. Call Optimizer displays insurance carrier and details, facilitating the discussion of potential costs for upcoming treatments.
  • Call Waiting: See who is waiting to speak to a staff member in order to better manage call flow and wait times.

Call Optimizer gives your front desk staff the tools they need to ensure your patients’ health is in good hands. This app is being offered for a limited time price of $75/month; or save even more when you bundle Call Optimizer, RingCentral phone services and Practice Optimizer, the business intelligence app.

If you’re at the 2016 NAVC Conference in Orlando, FL this week (01/17-20/16) be sure to stop by Booth #3212 to learn more!

About Sikka Software 

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Sikka Software provides a platform for small and medium-sized business healthcare apps. The company’s products help healthcare providers and other small businesses optimize their business via a series of easy to use cloud-based applications. With over 32 apps built on Sikka Platform Cloud with over 16,200 installations, Sikka Software is the leader in the US Dental, Animal Health and Hearing Care markets. The company is now supporting a real time optimization and information network with providers, patients, consultants, manufacturers and financial service provides.

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