cloud cord

Gone are the days of needing to be physically connected by copper wires. Cloud telephony now permits constant connectivity without hard lines – and businesses stand to benefit in a number of ways.

With old-school fixed phone lines:

  • Changing locations requires you to give up your landline numbers.
  • Adding additional numbers demands the skills of a (pricey) engineer.
  • Engaged lines lead callers straight to voicemail.

But in a world without wires, the possibilities are wide open. Because cloud phone systems handle calls online, a call to one number can be re-routed to any other landline or mobile number. Calls can even be taken directly through a PC without the need for a handset.

By removing the constraints of telephone lines, cloud solutions offer businesses an extra level of freedom in how they choose to operate. No matter how a firm is structured or how many employees it has, call menus, directories and handling rules ensure the customer can get through to the right person as efficiently as possible.

Whether operating entirely from one single number or a range relating to location or department, a cloud phone system simply provides more flexibility and a better user experience than landline phones.

So let’s revisit the business benefits that cloud telephony delivers:

  • Moving offices means you won’t have to change numbers – your number can follow you whether you go.
  • You can add multiple numbers and extensions without physically installing additional phone lines.
  • When a number rings busy, other numbers or extensions can easily take the call.

With the cloud, you’re always ready to scale, adapt and change to match requirements – without a phone engineer in sight!