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Creating a Video-Ready Meeting Space with Ease

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Online meetings have become an important way to communicate in today’s modern world. Having a truly collaborative meeting experience means leveraging the latest hardware and software technology. But building a physical video-enhanced conference space involves much more than just bringing in the latest technology; it requires planning the space, selecting equipment, and properly implementing the right solution to meet your business needs.

Here are a few suggestions that you should consider for the best practice.

Lighting. Proper lighting boosts participants’ concentration in a meeting room. It also gives remote participants the feeling of virtually sitting in the same room. The room should be lit evenly across the table with indirect fluorescent lighting. If windows exist, the sunlight may bring strong contrast in the room and cause dark areas in a camera view. Closing the window shades can create more even lighting.

Camera. Crisp, reliable video is the best way to engage with your participants. How you arrange a camera plays an important role in a conference room setup. The camera’s field of view, which is the area that the camera sees, increases with the distance between the camera and your meeting participants. The more participants in a room, the farther you need to place the camera from the participants. Position the camera properly so that all participants will be in view.

Microphone. Sound is just as important as a camera in a video-ready conference room. If a conversation cannot be heard or clearly understood, it might cause potential miscommunication and business inefficiency. In general, a standard microphone works well for up to four participants. Place the microphone on the table in front of the meeting participants. To have a better meeting experience without missing the conversation, an extended microphone is recommended for a larger sized room.  Spacing between microphones should be about 45 to 60 inches.

Display. Generally speaking, the bigger the room, the bigger the display. It is important to have the size of screen and the HD quality that can be seen by any participant in a room. Consider installing multiple displays for a larger conference room to separate callers from shared content for efficient collaboration.

Video conferencing room solution. When running a meeting with a group of people, you will want to have everything set up, working properly, and ready to go. Not a minute should be wasted on trying to get your system to work correctly during a meeting. Select a solution that meets your budget and requirements, but with the flexibility and capacity to allow remote participants to join easily from any device.


A cost-effective conferencing solution for every meeting space

RingCentral Rooms gives you the flexibility to choose off-the-shelf hardware that you can simply connect with standard USB and HDMI cables, without the expensive proprietary equipment and complex configuration of an on-premises telepresence system. Quickly begin meetins with an iPad controller. Easily share content from any device via Wi-Fi, AirPlay Mirror, or proximity signal without any clumsy cables.

Hassel-free conference room transformation: Rooms in a Box

Searching for proper equipment and vendors that meet your company requirements and budget can be frustrating. Lack of in-house expertise in video conferencing may not fully optimize your investment. RingCentral understands your challenges.

Rooms in a Box is an out-of-the-box solution from RingCentral that delivers state-of-the-art hardware and services to transform any meeting space into a one-touch, video-enriched conference room. With fixed-price, all-inclusive packages, you have total control of spend on your video conferencing investment. Our video conferencing experts provide the expertise and experience you need from hardware selection and delivery, to on-site implementation and trainings to suit your communications needs. A dedicated project manager will ensure all hardware and services are delivered and fulfilled from the beginning to the end of each project to give you a peace of mind. You can have video-ready conference rooms up and running without increased IT overhead.

Rooms in a Box includes:

Click here to learn more about RingCentral Rooms conference room system and Rooms in a Box service.

Originally published Feb 14, 2018, updated Sep 23, 2020

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