A FollowMe answering rule forwards all calls to a single number such as a cell phone, an off-site desk or a hotel room. Use this handy answering rule if you know you’ll be at a single location for an extended period of time.

To set up a custom FollowMe Answering Rule:

1. Click the My Settings tab on the main menu.

2. Click Answering Rules from the left menu panel.

3. Click Add Rule. The Add Rule Wizard starts and will assist you during the customization process.

4. Configure the rule to apply Monday through Sunday from midnight up to 11:45 PM by checking on the box at the left side of the day of week (Monday).

5. Click Copy to set similar time settings for the rest of the week (Tuesday to Sunday).

6. Click Next to continue.

7. Skip Caller ID step. Click Next to continue.

8. Select Applies to all numbers. Click Next to continue.

9. Review the conditions and settings. Click Next to continue.

10. Change the name of the rule to “FollowMe.” Click Next to continue.

11. Configure the Answering Options however you like. Click Submit to save changes.

Since you can configure your RingCentral phone system anywhere you have internet access, you can toggle your FollowMe answering rule on the fly. Simply click the Enabled check box under the My Rules section.

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