San Francisco is a major tourist spot. In 2015, more than 24 million visitors made their way through its streets. Certain neighborhoods, like Fisherman’s Wharf, are known for crowds of visitors moving through the most popular tourist spots. Of those, few will get the chance to see life from the local point of view. But we have your back. Between informative sessions and conference networking at ConnectCentral, here is the information you need in order to make the most out of your trip.

1) Eat something amazing

Between the temperate weather and proximity to the Central Valley and wine country, San Francisco is one of the great food cities in the country. And there is always something new popping up. Each year, local publication 7×7 publishes the Big Eat, a guide to the top 100 dishes to be found in the city. Some stay on the list for several years, some are brand new. But you will always be pleased you gave it a try. Check out the full list.

2) Go on an urban hike

San Francisco is the city of 7 hills and 21 miles of ocean and bay views. Combine that with a fast-moving fog and you have some dynamic views no matter when you happen to look or where you happen to be. From the event location, there are some great opportunities nearby. Walk to Market St. and head east toward the Ferry Building. Walk north on the Embarcadero as far as you want. For the truly adventurous, try the famous Filbert Steps.

3) Think local

Local is a lifestyle in San Francisco. From messenger bags to beer and wine to artisan coffee, there are more than 400 local companies producing any number of limited release product— many unavailable outside of the city.

Local group SFMade has made finding these companies easy. Check out their list by product or manufacturer.

4) Check out the nightlife

San Francisco may not be the city that never sleeps, but knows what it’s doing with bars. If you’re looking for a late night sushi bar, not a problem. Looking for a bar that specializes in wine or bourbon? Also covered. Maybe you want to follow the beat generation to their favorite haunts? Not a problem. For a truly local experience, end your night with a taqueria burrito.

5) Stay warm

You can spot a tourist in San Francisco as the one wearing shorts and a t-shirt in summer. It seems reasonable. This is California after all. And it’s September. Ah, but the Pacific did not get that memo.

San Francisco is a peninsula at the top of the Golden Gate. This treats the city as a giant straw that sucks up cold, foggy air from the frigid Pacific and moves it across the city, keeping the air chilly during the day and sometimes even cold on summer nights. Bring a light jacket. You’ll thank us.

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