Congratulations to our friends and colleagues at Okta on their successful IPO last Friday.  The company raised $187M and soared 38% in its first day of trading.

Sequoia Capital was an early investor in Okta. We think their blog post congratulating Okta is spot on. Todd and Freddy, Okta’s co-founders, understood the inevitability of the cloud early on, and placed their big bets on it. Sequoia was also an early investor in RingCentral, and we too bet our business on the migration of communications to the cloud. We are both pioneers in our respective cloud categories, understanding the need to deliver better ways of connecting today’s modern workforce to enable greater mobility and productivity.

We’re also proud to say that RingCentral and Okta are both happy and mutual customers and partners. Not only do we rely on Okta for our everyday secure sign-on access to all of our important applications, but likewise Okta relies on RingCentral for its everyday phone, meetings, conferencing, and messaging needs around the world, and we’re also proud to say they use RingCentral Contact Center too. Our solutions together enable the future of work with seamless mobility, security and communication. With Okta and RingCentral, it’s easy to add and delete employee access across all company communication channels (phone, mobile, conferencing, desktop), while maintaining a real-time universal cloud directory of employee contacts and offices.  Our joint customer, World Vision, provides humanitarian relief  in 100 countries, and uses RingCentral for Okta for active directory integration, enabling all contacts to be up to date globally and in real-time. Randy Boyd, from World Vision, will be speaking at RingCentral Forum Live in Chicago on May 4th. Please join RingCentral and Okta for this event by registering here.

In closing, here’s a big fist bump to our buddies at Okta. Chuck Fontana, Ernesto Tey, and Josh Donelson – you and your extended team are the gold standard.  Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to continuing our cloud journey together.