SEA_Media RingCentral congratulates SEA Media, a social media marketing agency in Dayton, Ohio, as the winner of the Teamwork Realized customer story contest. SEA won a $1,000 reward for their team – and our thanks for sharing their story of how the Glip messaging, collaboration and productivity platform makes its team more productive.

“We’re very thankful,” SEA Media CEO Sara Moore said after learning about the win Thursday. “As a small business, we rely on tools that help us really work efficiently, because that’s what really makes a difference – that’s what’s going to take you from six to seven figures. Of all the tools we use, Glip ranks right up there with Google Docs. And it is better than Slack — when I hear people talk about Slack, I’m like, have you used Glip?”

Glip is the team messaging and productivity platform from RingCentral, which offers Glip both independently and as part of the RingCentral Office cloud service for business voice and video communications. A panel of judges picked SEA’s story as their favorite from dozens of submission received during January and February. You can read more about the best of those stories on the Glip blog.

SEA’s story stood out because Moore makes Glip central to the way her team organizes itself and supports its customers.

A few of the ways SEA uses Glip:

  • Ongoing team messaging, freed from the clutter of email.
  • Task and project management to stay organized and shared calendars to keep everything on schedule.
  • Mobile collaboration, to access all the same messaging and task management functions through a phone or tablet.
  • Pulling together a virtual team, where Moore is in Dayton but other members are in other parts of Ohio, Georgia, Indianapolis, and California – with one key team member about to move to Florida.
  • Using Glip video chat, which is based on RingCentral Meetings, to bring the team together for real-time presentations and brainstorming sessions.
  • Collaboration with customers, including sharing draft blog posts and images for social media campaigns so customers can comment back on them through Glip.
  • Showing lists of completed tasks as a way of dramatizing for customers how much work her team is doing on their behalf.

“I always tell people, when they ask me how I run my business and stay so efficient, that it all starts with Glip,” Moore says. “It’s my best tool – it’s my ninja weapon.” Read their full story: Glip Collaboration: SEA Media’s ‘Ninja Weapon’.