Perhaps you use an IP phone for most of your business calls. But if you find yourself working away from a desk for extended periods of time – or if your “office” is actually the road – you will probably want your RingCentral calls to forward to a mobile device.

image_6 With RingCentral Professional and Office, you have two “forwarding” options: actual forwarding, where RingCentral’s servers simply hand an incoming call off to a non-RingCentral number, and VoIP call handling via the RingCentral app.

Using the app will help you save personal mobile minutes, and making calls over VoIP lets you use the RingCentral call management shortcuts (## to place a call on hold, etc.)

But VoIP calls are dependent on the quality of your internet connection, and mobile devices can have spotty data service. Even Wi-Fi connections are less than ideal, since Wi-Fi traffic is rarely optimized for QoS.

Accepting forwarded calls, by contrast, will use up your mobile minutes. Forwarded calls are handled as native calls by your mobile phone, though, so voice quality will likely be higher.

Which option is best? It depends on your needs and preferences.

I prefer to simply forward calls to my personal cell phone, since I never find myself using the call management shortkeys. Plus, I use an iPhone 4, which only has 3G data service. 3G might be fast enough for VoIP calls under the best circumstances, but in areas with poor coverage it almost certainly won’t.

If I did want to use the mobile app to accept incoming calls, I’d open the app, navigate to Settings > My Mobile App Settings and make sure both “VoIP Calling”  and “Incoming VoIP Calls” were set to On:

photo (267x400)

You should also visit your RingCentral account page at (or Settings > My Extension Settings from within the RingCentral app) and confirm that incoming calls will “ring” the smartphone app before being forwarded. This setting is in Settings > My Settings > Call Handling & Forwarding (make sure “On” is selected):

Untitled Want to have the RingCentral system forward calls directly to your personal phone number? Simply log in to your RingCentral account and navigate to Settings > My Settings > Call Handling & Forwarding. Then add your cell as a forwarding number under the “Then forward calls to” list.