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Why Your Company Needs to Switch to a Cloud Based Business Model


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In our recent eSeminar on BrightTalk with Polycom’s VP of Global & Cloud Service and Coldwell Banker, RingCentral Director of Product Management, Vi Chau, spoke of the benefits of transitioning company phone systems to the cloud. A member from the Coldwell Banker team joined as an example of a successful client using RingCentral’s services. Valid arguments were made by all three companies on why on-premise PBX systems are esoteric. In case you missed it, here are some key highlights from the talk.

What are the biggest technology drivers for cloud adoption? Companies have more capability for an end user for on-demand self service, they can expand rapidly, it allows flexibility of access, and allows providers to pool resources to meet the needs of all customers.

coldwell banker it With video conferencing, IP telephony and mobility, the market is turning towards the cloud and is continuing to grow in that direction. In fact, Polycom predicts that by 2016 the cloud will become a majority of IT team bulk spending in the U.S.

Drivers of visual communication such as: social media, video, cloud delivery, network readiness, and mobile delivery proliferation all work best under a unified communication as a service model, or UCaaS.

Switching to the cloud leads to two outcomes: a more efficient business and a more effective business. For example, all companies must hire talent. That talent can come from different places, different states, and sometimes other countries–it may be a remote workforce. Where ever it is, being able to find that talent is very important. Cloud services allow businesses to be more effective in finding new talent. With a video conference, multiple people can talk to a potential employee at the same time from different locations. This is more efficient than face-to-face meetings.

With more effective business meetings you can: save time, have more meetings, end the meetings sooner, and get products to market faster. It makes it easy to reach out to employees and customers to meet and talk.

When selecting a cloud provider, it is the most practical to choose a provider that easily integrates with other companies. For instance, you can access Salesforce from your RingCentral app, saving time and increasing productivity.

Vi Chau mentions that adaptive design is becoming a software development requirement. He gives a unique example. In the future, Chau claims, cars will be able to drive themselves, and we will be able to hold video conferences right from our cars. This kind of thinking is crucial to staying up-to-date and ahead of the curve in cloud technologies.

IT operations are shifting as well. Being vigilant about security is necessary. The cloud allows you to have remote access to change capabilities as people change roles. If someone leaves the company, business admins are still able to lock out or wipe the data as necessary from any location. Vendors should not have all security tied to one device, it should be supported by every device.

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See how RingCentral is enabling other real estate businesses and professionals to stay connected to their office, clients, and customers regardless of whether they are at the office, a property listing or anywhere in between. To learn more about how you can implement cloud collaboration solutions at your business watch the complete eSeminar here.

Originally published Sep 16, 2014, updated Sep 11, 2020

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