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Cloud Phone Makes Order Fulfillment a Snap for Mary Jo Blohm and Matthew Boyd

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blohm Today, we conclude our special Valentine’s Day series by bringing you the story of Mary Jo Blohm and Matthew Boyd. They are the owners of The Quilt Bear, a growing online quilt supply business. Together, they manage their business’ operations while also finding time to enjoy their many hobbies and interests. Here’s what Mary Jo shared with us about how they juggle day-to-day work responsibilities while also having lots of fun.

Tell Us About Your Business.
We have an online quilt shop that sells fabric, supplies, books, patterns and gifts worldwide. We are very active on Facebook and give 10% of our profits to a variety of charities.

How Did You Two Meet?
We met on an online dating site. Yeah, we know … but it worked for us!

How Do You Work Together in the Business?
I am responsible for product ordering, fabric cutting, packaging, maintaining the website and accounting. Matthew maintains the Facebook page and manages advertising, product pick-up and shipping.

How Do You Find Time for Your Personal Relationship When You’re Also Running a Business Together?
Matthew and I always spend our free time doing things we love. We are very active in our church, play Frisbee and recently joined a ping-pong club. We also love to explore our local metro parks and take lots of pictures. We try to keep business conversations to a minimum while we are not working.  We really enjoy our business and love working together, but also recognize that our relationship is the top priority.

How Do You Use RingCentral in Your Business?
We use RingCentral’s toll-free number service to monitor all calls and forward them to our cell phones. We also use the toll-free fax to receive orders. We purchased a vanity number, as well.

Any Advice for Other Couples Working Together?
Keep it simple. You are partners both in business and on the home front. Your relationship should always come first and everything else will fall into place.

Originally published Feb 18, 2011, updated Aug 07, 2020

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