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Cloud Is Winning. RingCentral Is Winning in the Cloud.

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Last month, Synergy Research Group, an independent market research firm, ranked RingCentral as the #1 cloud communications provider worldwide based on revenue and subscriber seats. This latest distinction expands on RingCentral’s leadership recognition by Gartner, IHS Markit, Frost & Sullivan, and Aragon Research.

Synergy Research also notes that cloud business communications revenue grew 22% YoY, while on-premises business communications declined 9% during Q1 2017.

So cloud is winning, and RingCentral is winning in the cloud!

We’re proud of our industry recognition, and we’re promoting Synergy’s findings in a front-page ad found in today’s Wall Street Journal.

In addition, our own VP of Corporate Marketing, Neha Mirchandani, sat down with Synergy Research’s Founder and President, Jeremy Duke, to hear his insights on the key drivers behind cloud communications’ accelerated growth. You can listen to the recording of their conversation in this podcast.

This is an exciting time. On behalf of all employees at RingCentral, thank you to our customers and partners for their continued trust.

Originally published Jul 12, 2017, updated Aug 27, 2020

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