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Cloud—The Growing Opportunity for Resellers


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reseller network The new world of work presents many challenges for companies.  Collaboration, productivity and customer responsiveness can be compromised when workers are dispersed across different offices, on the road, at home or working flexi-hours.  There is a strong business case for flexible cloud solutions that bring together employees under a single aegis, but many organisations are not familiar with the latest jargon, vendors, solutions or pricing structures.  This presents a massive opportunity for value added resellers who can provide valuable pre-sales consulting, number porting, tailored implementations and integration services.

So what are the key differences in selling a cloud based solution compared to a traditional on-premise solution?  Most customers prefer an operating expenditure rather than capital expenditure payment model.  Resellers offering the flexibility of a monthly fee rather than a large upfront cost are likely to win more business.

The initial sale value is likely to be much smaller with a cloud solution; but cloud services offer a sustained, regular income for as long as the customer is using the service.

RingCentral’s cloud phone system is very easy to use and administrate.  That also makes the service easy to sell and support with very little staff training required. Resellers can achieve a very fast time to revenue. See how channelling cloud communications can help boost your sales in this AV News Management article (on page 18).

ringcentral partners Resellers like to offer the latest technology but it needn’t compromise customer satisfaction.  The RingCentral solution is based on ten years of R&D and is trusted by over 300,000 businesses for its 99.99% uptime and excellent quality of service.

The benefits of a more cost effective, flexible, scalable and easier to manage system backed by the personal attention of an expert provider all help towards customer satisfaction, recommendation and further business.

Find out more about the RingCentral partner program.


Originally published Jul 16, 2014, updated Aug 12, 2020

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