rolodex3 Space is often in short supply for small business owners. Whether running operations in an outside office or from the kitchen table, there is typically not a lot of room for extra clutter. This is where a cloud-based phone system can help by being real space-saver. A switch to an internet-based phone system can help you eliminate a surprising number of cumbersome office items.

PBX Equipment
Say goodbye to having to purchase and maintain all of the complicated telecom equipment required to create a phone network for your office. With a cloud-based phone system, customers can be greeted by an auto-receptionist and select an extension without the need for a clunky PBX switchboard and a phone operator. And because the system is managed in the cloud, adding or removing extensions can be done in seconds.

Fax Machine
These oversized pieces of equipment don’t always fit in a small business owner’s office and are often relegated to a storage closet or back bedroom until they’re needed. For those who receive faxes from customers and suppliers 24/7, space must be made for the machine, and a dedicated phone line is required. A cloud-based phone system frees you from being tied to a fax machine. Faxes can be sent and received from anywhere, at anytime, and you’ll be able to reclaim that valuable space.

Phone Cords
Employees working in close quarters with multiple phones often have cords streaming across their cubicles. But a cloud-based phone system can provide multiple extensions and robust functionality without miles of phone cords. And because the system can be managed from a PC or smartphone, business environments can be much more flexible – enabling employees to work from virtually anywhere while still having access to all of the features required to present a professional phone image.

Because a cloud-based phone system leverages the power of the internet, it can also be integrated with other business tools that boost productivity (such as Microsoft Outlook). This enables you to have your business contacts at your fingertips anytime for calling and faxing. Your bulky Rolodex stuffed with business cards and Post-It notes can be permanently removed from your working space.

While space-saving might not be the first benefit you think of when you’re considering adopting a cloud-based phone system, it’s an important consideration – particularly if you’re struggling to find room for all of the equipment  required to run a business. By making the switch, you’ll not only acquire a simplified, more powerful phone system, you might also discover a little more room on your desk!

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