Cleantech_Logo_Orange_Positive Cleantech Group accelerates sustainable innovation through data, events, and strategy. Founded in 2002, Cleantech Group’s (CTG) connects corporations with innovation, at scale, by allowing them to find, vet, and connect with startups—efficiently building an innovation pipeline. CTG’s global events, which convene corporates and startups, along with other players shaping the future of sustainable innovation. CTG is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has additional offices in London and New York, currently they have 45 employees.

All of Cleantech Group’s employees use RingCentral Office for both internal and external communications. With clients all over the world, the company finds value in the ease of connectivity, regardless of location. Whether employees are in the office, at their desks, on the go, or even in a different time zone, customers and colleagues can easily be reached.

“I work in the San Francisco office, and I love being able to call someone at the London office with just a four-digit extension,” says Office Manager Pratiti Beldner. “All phone calls from our main line come through me, but it doesn’t matter where an employee is—I can transfer the call quickly.”

Cleantech Group does not have internal IT staff, so Beldner’s responsibilities change on a daily basis. RingCentral’s easy-to-use administration portal makes managing the phone system simple—even remotely. Pre-configured phones made getting on the RingCentral system simple for the staff.

“As an administrator, it’s very easy for me to help users with their accounts,” Beldner says. “RingCentral helps us communicate more effectively, because we can do everything internally, and we don’t have to rely on or wait for outside services.”

Reliable communication is essential to Cleantech Group’s client relationships—with RingCentral, the company has individual conference lines for its employees and has experienced excellent call quality. In addition, the video web meetings feature has become an integral part of the company’s communications. They use screen-sharing to quickly present their services to current and prospective clients.

“Our sales team especially likes to use RingCentral Meetings,” says Beldner. “Setting up a RingCentral meeting with a client is easy—and having the ability to quickly switch between video and screen-sharing is great.”