Are you using the RingCentral softphone to send faxes? Would you like to change the contact information that appears on your fax cover pages? If the answer to both questions is yes, you may want to use the softphone’s Personal Information Setup page.

Open the softphone and navigate to:

> Menu > Options > Faxes
> Personal Information

Softphone personal information setup

> Fill in your desired information
> Click Next
> Follow the prompts

Take note: when sending faxes via FaxOut and email-to-fax, the information that appears on your cover pages will be pulled from your online account. The cover pages will display the number listed as your Fax Number.

But, if you use print-to-fax (which makes use of the softphone), the sender information will be whatever you enter in the softphone’s Personal Information Setup window.

Print to fax

To watch a video on how to send faxes using the softphone, please visit:

To obtain a copy of the softphone user guide:

And for more details on the various methods of sending faxes, please visit our support article: Methods of Sending Faxes.

We apologize that the Personal Information Setup window is not currently available on the Mac version of the softphone.

Featured image courtesy of: robhawkes via photopin cc.