RingCentral Helps CDL Helpers Connect With Far-Flung Clients

CDL Helpers is a consultancy that serves businesses in shipping, retail and other industries – any company that uses commercial vehicles is a potential client. CDL Helpers gathers, sorts and analyzes driver feedback, then makes actionable recommendations to company management to reduce staff turnover and improve efficiency.

Business Challenge: Phone Dependency
Communicating with truck drivers is at the core of CDL Helpers’ business, so it has to be easy for CDL Helpers employees to contact them – no matter where in the country the drivers are. Because the only sure way of reaching drivers is by phone, CDL Helpers CEO Tucker Robeson explains, “we spend a ton of time” making and receiving calls.

Therefore, having a business phone system that’s simple and straightforward to use is essential, for both CDL Helpers and the drivers whom it interviews.

That’s one of the reasons CDL Helpers turned to RingCentral for its business phone service. “If we didn’t have VoIP phone system provided by RingCentral, we wouldn’t be able to connect to [drivers] at all,” Robeson reports.

Rapid Growth Requires a Phone Service That Can Keep Up
CDL Helpers’ consulting services are in high demand, and the company is growing by leaps and bounds. But growth presents its own challenges – like ensuring that new employees are brought on board quickly. RingCentral’s cloud-based phone system “makes it super-easy to adjust and scale to demand,” Robeson says, “we can activate a new employee in minutes and get them answering the phone from anywhere.”

And, he adds, RingCentral’s service has helped CDL Helpers project a more professional image by providing all the call-management features of an enterprise-level phone system. Clients, Robeson says, “know that if they call my number, they’ll get right to me.”

Keeping Costs in Check With RingCentral
Not only does RingCentral provide CDL Helpers with a robust feature suite and simple scalability – it delivers at a much lower price than conventional phone service. “I’m building a business from nothing … and I was able to use RingCentral because their prices were low enough,” Robeson enthuses.

For CDL Helpers – which uses its RingCentral phone service every day – signing up for RingCentral was a great decision. The company’s service, Robeson says frankly, “makes what we do possible.”

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