This article – the latest in our call management series – covers call logs. Get a complete record of every call and fax that’s coming into and going out of your company with call logs.

You’ll be able to see the number of the caller, number or extension dialed, calling credits used and time, date and length of the call. You can even see if the call was recorded. This information will come in handy for analyzing expenses, monitoring transactions, tracking calls to your local numbers and more.

Call logs are automatically stored in your RingCentral account. To access your call logs, just log in and select Call Log.

You can keep up to 200 fax and voicemail messages in your online account indefinitely. You can also store an unlimited number in your Call Controller™ inbox or email account.

Search and sort call logs quickly by date, time, inbound fax, outbound call and more. Easily download records to an Excel spreadsheet or schedule automatic delivery to your email account.

Call logs are a handy way to see your entire company’s calling and fax activity. Start putting them to use for you!