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Is Your Small Business Making the Most of the Most Widely Used Smartphone App?


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Mature businessman texting in his office

Mature businessman texting in his office

What’s the most widely used app on smartphones? You would probably not be surprised to learn that it’s SMS texting, with 97% of Americans using it at least once a day. But you might not know that 80% of people are currently using texting for business.

Is your business using text, and are you getting the most out of this new mode of communication? It takes more than a run-of-the-mill texting app to meet business needs. RingCentral led the industry in the move to business texting, providing the industry’s first Business SMS capability for texting seamlessly across smartphones and tablets.

SMS means business

Business SMS enhances your business phone system by enabling users to send and receive texts with customers, colleagues, and departments using their RingCentral business numbers. Users can text colleagues or groups within a company, and recipients can reply via RingCentral Business SMS on a computer or tablet, or via the native SMS application in their smartphones. They can also send and receive texts directly from within common cloud-based applications such as Gmail, Salesforce, and RingCentral Glip collaboration software. Business SMS is also seamlessly integrated with RingCentral audio and video conferencing as well as online meetings, so now you can instantly join a conference or web meeting with just one tap.

On a smartphone, having the dual capability of using Business SMS through both the RingCentral app and your phone’s native SMS app offers a major advantage. Because in a world of BYOD (bring your own device), the RingCentral app lets you send SMS texts from your RingCentral business number—not your phone’s cell number—you can text your business contacts without your personal cell phone number becoming public. It’s just as easy to bypass the Business SMS feature and use the phone’s native texting for personal use or whenever you don’t want to show recipients your business number.

Are you a Business SMS power user?

Even if you are a RingCentral phone system user, how Business SMS works might not be intuitive. Let’s get you started on becoming an SMS power user.

To start using Business SMS, simply download the RingCentral app for either Android or iOS. Log in to the app using your local RingCentral number and account password.

Then on the Messages screen (the default screen) of the app, tap “Text” on the right to see all of your Business SMS conversations. To create a new Business SMS message, click the speech-bubble icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. You will be prompted to enter the recipient’s number in the To field, and then press the + sign. Note, the RingCentral app also syncs with the contacts in your RingCentral account, so you can simply enter the names of your contacts in the To field rather than their numbers. If you have more than one phone line on your RingCentral account, you can select which you want your message to come from in the From field. Tap the text area to type your message, and then click Send. You’ve sent a Business SMS.

If you need to text all the members of a department within your organization, simply navigate to the Contacts screen of the RingCentral app. Then select a department, tap the new-message icon in the lower-right corner of the screen, and compose a message to the group. You can send an SMS to up to a maximum of 50 recipients per message. When receiving messages, you can opt to receive an email notification if an SMS is sent to your RingCentral number so you never miss a message.

Seamless business communications

Integrations with other RingCentral Office cloud communications features offer a number of other advantages. For example, if you receive an SMS invite to a conference call, online meeting, or video conference, you can join simply by tapping on the link in the text. You won’t need to enter a phone number, meeting number, participant ID, or access code. Plus, seamless integrations with third-party cloud apps mean that, for example, you can initiate a text thread within Gmail on your desktop computer, and then walk to a meeting and continue the thread uninterrupted on your smartphone.

Considering the rapid adoption of SMS text messaging in our daily lives, it only makes sense to adopt it for your business. RingCentral Business SMS makes it easy to use SMS while maintaining your business identity and keeping personal texting separate from business use. It can also speed collaboration among your employees, especially in an era of mobile workers.

Originally published Dec 23, 2016, updated Aug 12, 2020

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