In March we announced that two significant advancements in contact center technology were coming soon. The first, Collaborative Contact Center, marries contact center and collaboration technology to transform the way organizations manage customer engagement. The second,  RingCentral Pulse, enables agents to communicate and collaborate across an organization in real time to resolve customer issues efficiently. I’m excited to announce that both are live and available today.

Since the Collaborative Contact Center release, we have been amazed to see how our customers are taking advantage of these new ways of working. . One customer, Central Health, uses team collaboration to access backline support for their contact center, as well as the primary support channels when technicians are at a customer site.  Whenever an agent or a technician has a problem, they can now post their question to a team of experts via team messaging. Angela Schmiedeke, Systems Analyst Supervisor, said, “With Glip, we help the people on the front line and expedite all of our customer service. With Glip in place, questions and solutions are visible to everyone who is relevant, making support interactions a learning moment for everyone.”

At the same time, we have also been working with select beta customers to ensure the promise of RingCentral Pulse was fully delivered. RingCentral Pulse uses a simple configuration tool to identify information that is important to a business. For example, you might track a queue getting overwhelmed or a team falling out of compliance with a critical KPI—important functionality but standard for contact centers.

The second benefit is what makes our Pulse solution most unique. Pulse uses our Glip collaboration environment to allow organizations to respond to changing conditions in almost real time. Instead of just sending an alert to an email address or dashboard that someone must monitor continually, alerts are sent directly to the teams responsible for addressing the issue being identified. With team collaboration, all involved can work together quickly to resolve whatever problem has been established.  

Contact center managers can also send periodic updates on call loads and staffing issues to managing staff, notifying them when changes need to be made. By automating communications, RingCentral Pulse for Contact Center makes a contact center more efficient. This helps customers and, ultimately, the bottom line.

In one example, if a queue is overloaded, Pulse can automatically alert the relevant agent team. Supervisors can quickly see who is offline and push them to get back online immediately. Offline agents will be notified on their mobile phones, so they can get back to their seats as soon as possible.

“With Pulse for Contact Center, we are able to spot troubling customer experiences quickly and identify agents who are not performing as expected” said Dana Rogers, Workforce Analyst Team Lead at Brightway Insurance, “Pulse gets critical information directly to the people who need to know immediately so we can react before small issues can escalate”

Brightway Insurance and Central Health are just two customers using RingCentral to eliminate communication silos and facilitate digital transformation across their organizations. Through client and partner conversations, internal research, and vendor selection projects, leading tech media publication TMC and Constellation Research honor business solutions that support new business models, improve engagement, and ultimately transform their customer industries. RingCentral received the Constellation ShortList Cloud Customer Service and Contact Center Software award and TMC 2018 Communications Solutions Product of the Year  for putting collaboration at the center of the customer experience.  

These are exciting advancements for the Collaborative Contact Center, for RingCentral, and for our customers. We’re looking forward to see how our customers take advantage of these innovative tools.

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