Insurance and benefits analysis agency BNFT.pros provides information on Medicare to senior citizens and corporate health-plan administrators. The Houston-based company has 18 employees — most of whom are in the field during the workweek on sales assignments — and locations in four counties around Houston. As founder Mounir Dahdah reports, BNFT.pros is expanding; the company is growing in employees, office locations, and customers.

BNFT.pros is going strong, and they continue to increase sales. But the company’s policy of encouraging employees to work outside the office does present a challenge. Conventional landline phone service, which BNFT.pros purchased when it launched in 2011, simply doesn’t meet the business’ needs.

“My agents are always on the road,” Mounir says. “It was very important that they have access to the company’s phone system so they could respond to customers and prospects.”

The need for optimal mobility is the main reason Mounir signed up for RingCentral Office. He was a RingCentral fax customer long before he founded BNFT.pros, so he knew the value that RingCentral delivers. When conventional phone service proved inadequate, Mounir investigated RingCentral Office – which includes inbound and outbound calling, as well as online fax – and realized it would be ideal for BNFT.pros.

“We came from a traditional system into a completely virtual environment,” he explains.

Now, each of the firm’s 18 agents has an extension. That means they’re reachable, regardless of their location – precisely what BNFT.pros required.

Mounir has discovered that agent productivity is up, too, since he switched to RingCentral Office. Productivity was up 11 percent, on a year-over-year basis, in the first quarter of 2012, he reports.

And his employees are happier now that they are more connected; many opt to forward business calls to their cell phones at select times on the weekend so they can work on their own schedules. Nearly all of BNFT.pros’ employees are using the RingCentral mobile app to stay on top of their business communications, so they’re capable of getting work done no matter where they are.

RingCentral provides exactly what BNFT.pros needs today, and the scalability of the RingCentral platform means it will remain valuable well into the future. “It’s very flexible, very cost effective and it fits our current needs,” Mounir says. “It will grow as we do.”