kid-6833-blog-post-_-make-your-company-look-big Being a small fish in a big pond isn’t easy. When your competition is so much bigger than you are, it can be a struggle to thrive, no matter how great your product is. But by using the right features of your business phone system, you can give your small business big-company credibility with customers and suppliers.

You’ve heard that old cliché about making a good first impression, and it’s especially true for small businesses. Phone features like Auto-Receptionist and answering rules lend your small business a little gravitas from the first contact. Offer callers the option to reach different departments—no need to tell anyone that all of those “departments” ring the same phone in your home office.

Call forwarding can also help your business make a big impression. Forwarding calls to multiple phones ensures that you can easily be reached at any time. RingCentral desktop and mobile apps enable you to take business calls on a computer or mobile device. Your callers won’t know the difference, but they will notice how easy it is to get in touch with a real live person inside your business. Meanwhile, you’ll have full access to all of your business calling features from anywhere.

RingCentral also enables you to add local numbers wherever you do business. Customers will appreciate the local feel, with RingCentral’s simple, flexible account administration tools, you can control call routing from anywhere. And with RingCentral’s Caller ID options, you’ll always know where a call is coming from, even if you have multiple incoming lines. With RingCentral’s simple admin interface, setting up customized greetings or call routing based on the number dialed is a snap.

Incoming calls are only part of the solution to making your small business feel big. How you handle the messages that come in also affects the way people see your business. RingCentral’s missed-call notifications and message alerts can be customized to fit the way you work. You could send voicemail and fax alerts via SMS to your mobile phone for quick handling, for example, while missed calls are emailed for follow-up all at once. Customizing notifications allows you stay on top of your business and be super-responsive even if you don’t spend all day sitting near a telephone.

Your RingCentral number does more than just calls, however. With a single number, you can also send and receive faxes and use Business SMS to text with customers and colleagues—using your own mobile device. It’ll help your business present a professional, polished image without the need to buy or carry a separate mobile phone for work.

When your business is ready to expand, your RingCentral phone system adapts as your needs change. There’s no equipment to buy or install in advance. Instead add additional extensions as you need them, without having to call in specialized technical support to wire new lines.

RingCentral offers your small business the features you need to succeed, and as your business grows, your phone system is ready to grow with you.