RingCentral’s cloud-based business phone system gives you the features and flexibility to handle all of your business communication. It’s simple to set up, and unlike traditional phone hardware, doesn’t require specialized technical support or training. In fact, the system is designed so that users can handle most of their own account management. Everything is designed to work together, and there’s plenty of ways to customize RingCentral. In less than the time it takes you to read this article, you can make your business phone system even better.

Set up business hours

Everybody needs some downtime. Personalize your hours in your RingCentral account to control how calls are handled when you’re “off the clock.” This is perfect for part-time employees who are only available on certain days, or for making sure that business calls don’t interrupt you at home late at night. Hours can be the same every day, or you can set custom hours for each day of the week.

Set up your business hours under User Details in your RingCentral account. Then in Call Handling & Forwarding, specify how you want calls handled after hours. Outside of your business hours, callers can be sent directly to voicemail, hear an announcement with no option to leave a voicemail, or be forwarded to another number.

Master voicemail

Voicemail is a great tool for when you can’t get to the phone, but it can also be overwhelming if you receive a lot of calls. RingCentral’s voicemail options can help you handle incoming messages. When you can’t stop to listen to a message—you’re on a call or in a meeting, for example—voicemail preview enables you to read an automatic transcription via email or in RingCentral desktop or mobile apps. It’s a quick way to screen messages and prioritize responses. RingCentral’s voicemail-to-email feature delivers voicemails as email attachments, so you can listen to messages all at once, even if you’re away from your desk. And of course all messages are also available from RingCentral’s desktop and mobile apps for maximum flexibility.

Block telemarketing calls

If your phone is ringing off the hook with repeated calls, log in to your RingCentral account and block unwanted calls. Call blocking is flexible, allowing you to block specific callers or even entire area codes, and you can choose from different message options that are played to blocked callers.

Customize notifications

RingCentral also offers flexible routing options for incoming calls. But did you know that notifications are just as flexible? Missed-call notifications and message alerts are completely customizable to fit your workflow. Voicemail messages can trigger text alerts to your mobile device, while incoming fax notifications are emailed to an assistant, for example. Customized notifications can save time, as well as help ensure that you’re always on top of messages that need your attention.

With just a few small adjustments, you can tweak your RingCentral account to help you work better and more efficiently, with less distraction. Focus on your business, because we’ve got your business communication covered.