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Benefits of Using Microsoft 365

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Blog_Office365_v4 Productivity and time management is something that everyone could benefit from having more of. Sometimes it seems like there are never enough hours in the day to be able to accomplish all of one’s tasks and projects. Part of the problem besides having numerous responsibilities is not having the proper tools. Whether an employee is traveling, working from home, or at the office, it can be overwhelming to juggle multiple devices and outlets in an attempt to keep everything organized and accurate.

The problem that arises however is many of these technologies are tied to a physical outlet and are not omnipresent, but rather tied to a physical device. People either lug around different pieces of technology, or worse, must physically be in the office in order to complete their work.

This is where RingCentral’s integration with Microsoft 365 solves a problem that people may not even know they have.

A common occurrence seen among society is the idea of habit. People enjoy routines, feel safe with what they know, and typically shy away from change. Think about what you do in an average workday. You may wake up at the same time, drive the same route to work, or eat at the same restaurants. With many of these events, you may not have to think to do them. It has become second nature.

The same can be said for productivity tools in how we use business applications. People are very attached to what they know and the physical objects they use. They are familiar with their desk phones, their cell phones, and even the email servers they use. For some, it is easier to understand what they can see and feel, and these objects may bring a type of comfort.

Even though change can sometimes be uncharted territory, with change also comes the excitement and prospect of better ideas and products that ultimately improve people’s lives.

That’s why we brought RingCentral’s cloud phone capabilities into Microsoft 365.

Today, Microsoft 365 for RingCentral is the new generation of change. Now employees can be more productive and organized than ever. This new integration combines email, chat, and phone all into one place. All of these apps appear on one page and are accessible through any device from anywhere. When people have access to the tools they need in one location without hassle or confusion, everyone involved benefits. The company receives better and faster results and the employee gains better structure and efficiency.

There are several benefits to having your organization utilize RingCentral for Microsoft 365. The first benefit involves integration. It is a productivity solution that allows one to use multiple products through Microsoft’s cloud office suite.

The second benefit is that productivity is increased by combining Email, voice, fax, SMS, audio conferencing, video and screen-sharing, contacts, tasks and meeting scheduling into a single interface. It is a way to create a single business identity. An individual can see their entire communications’ history in one panel in addition to being able to make outbound calls from their desk phone, computer using RingCentral for Desktop, or from their smartphone or tablet using the RingCentral Mobile Apps.  All of a person’s contacts are saved in one location and users are able to easily coordinate RingCentral Meetings from their Microsoft 365 Calendar.

The third benefit is that users can work from anywhere. There are no longer confines to the way people communicate, collaborate or create. Whether sitting in an airport terminal or at your kitchen table, business communication is not hindered by location or access to your company’s VPN or on-premise system.

Lastly, in terms of IT’s role, their job is reduced in difficulty and complexity. IT’s focus can now be on business innovation instead of maintenance. A single browser extension automatically integrates Microsoft 365 user accounts with RingCentral Office accounts. Everything is managed and maintained within the cloud. The role of managing hardware and servers is removed, along with upgrades and middleware. Both applications seamlessly integrate with other leading cloud-based tools extending the reach and depth of productivity and communication applications.

With the addition of Microsoft 365 to your office and to your life, it will not simply become a change but instead an evolution into the modern workplace. When people have the right tools organized into a single and dynamic outlet, the ability to succeed and communicate becomes endless.

Originally published Aug 05, 2015, updated Sep 10, 2020

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