Belly-Logo-White-JPEG Belly is a leading provider of customer loyalty programs and services. They help businesses foster more personal relationships with their customers while obtaining customer analytics.  Founded in August 2011, the company works with more than 7,000 merchants across the United States, has more than 120 employees and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Prior to becoming a RingCentral customer, Belly used a different communications system.  While this system did allow employees to listen to their voicemail messages online, it lacked many features the company needed.  Belly’s sales team, in particular, needed more detailed access to their call history to keep track of their performance.  The other system was not user friendly, user ability was non-existent on an individual level and users did not have access call logs.

“RingCentral has provided us with a solid customer experience,” said Adam Svoboda, Belly’s Purchasing Associate.  “We were able to keep all of our same phone numbers and the switch was finished within a week.  It was a simple process.”

The employees at Belly utilize several features offered by RingCentral, including the auto-receptionist feature which results in fewer missed calls and shortened wait times on the lines.  Additionally, customer calls are re-directed based on callers’ time zone, so they are able to receive help even if they do not have their account manager’s information.

Other features enjoyed by Belly employees include RingCentral’s FaxOut, the ability to group departments together, and the RingCentral Softphone.  “We have employees that work remotely, including our community managers who are dispersed amongst five cities.  These employees can have their calls forwarded to their cell phones when they are away from their computers,” says Svoboda. “Additionally, our CEO is able to use the softphone feature in place of a Bluetooth device.”

Svoboda manages the RingCentral system at Belly for all 120 employees.  Switching to RingCentral has helped him better organize the company’s phone system.   Although Svoboda can make most administrative changes needed, the RingCentral customer service team is there to help him whenever there are issues.  “I am now the go-to person for RingCentral at our company, but we did have a situation in which we had to make changes,” said Svoboda. “So I called into RingCentral’s customer support and getting help was a breeze.”

“Our partnership with RingCentral has been positive. It enables us to cut back on missed calls, manage the system with ease, and the customer service has been great,” says Svoboda.  “Our employees are now empowered with features that can help them better communicate both internally and with our merchants and members.”