100% availability: Swiss bank WIR, the new customer experience leader


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The company

WIR Bank is a Swiss merchant bank that introduced the WIR franc – a complementary currency –when it was created in 1930. The WIR franc, used in combination with the Swiss franc, is the oldest and most-used complementary currency in the world. Today, it is used by a network of several tens of thousands of members, most of which are small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) operating in a variety of sectors. In the video below, Claudio Gisler, Head of Advice Center, and Jonas Kiefer, Content Manager, talk about Dimelo’s integration and current digital customer service challenges.



The WIR Bank project

In November 2016, the WIR system was significantly re-examined. At the heart of the discussion was extensive digitalization of the company. With this in mind, and given the challenges of going digital, the WIR Bank chose Dimelo Digital to handle customer interactions on social networks. By incorporating Dimelo Digital, the WIR Bank wished to define new standards on the organizational level with regard to workflow and managing the different social networks to which the company was branching out. Now, interactions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are managed and analyzed with the aim of optimizing the company’s digital customer service. As a result, the company has access to a cross-channel view of its customers.

Other objectives of the project:

  • Improving dialogue with customers
  • Increasing customer activity
  • Optimizing customer service
  • Simplifying the workflow among different departments
The main goal of this refresh of our system was to reorganize our social media activities. In Dimelo, we found a reliable partner that provided support throughout our project and enabled us to incorporate the WIR Bank’s communication channels into an omni-channel network.”


Claudio Gisler, Head of Advice Center (Executive Officer)

Originally published Jul 03, 2017, updated Dec 30, 2022

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