Cloud-based business phone systems offer many advantages over a traditional hardware PBX. Hosted virtual PBX systems empower your business with cutting-edge features and the flexibility to work from anywhere without being tethered to a hard-wired phone system.

Because they’re so flexible, cloud phone systems can also help your business avoid these common communications nightmares.

1) You have too many numbers

How many telephone numbers do you have? An office number, of course. Then there’s your home office, work mobile, personal mobile, home phone, and at least one fax line. If someone has to call multiple numbers in order to get in touch with you, chances are they won’t. RingCentral simplifies telephone number overload by giving you one number that works in the office, on your mobile device, at home, and for faxes. Clients and colleagues can dial a single number and know that they can reach you no matter where you are. It’s much simpler and saves everyone the trouble of having to keep track of multiple contact numbers.

2) You lost your phone

Losing your mobile phone is bad enough. Losing your mobile phone when you’re working can kill your productivity—especially when you’re on the road. With RingCentral, losing your phone doesn’t mean you’re unreachable. RingCentral Desktop enables you to access your entire business phone system from any computer with an internet connection. You can make and receive calls, Business SMS messages, and faxes from your computer with all of the same phone features you’ve come to rely on. When you replace your phone, all you have to do is download the mobile app, and add your new number to your account. RingCentral integrates with your company’s directory, so all of your contacts are available from any device.

3) Business contacts texting your personal phone

Text messaging is increasingly used for business. Whether you’re texting with colleagues or clients, SMS messaging is a quick way to have ongoing conversations without the need to be available at the exact same time. It’s also effective for passing on information to your whole team at once. But the biggest drawback to using text messaging in the workplace is that you have to share your personal contact information. That leaves you open to getting work-related texts in your off hours or when you’re on vacation. RingCentral’s Business SMS feature gives you all the advantages of text conversations, but it works with your business number, so you can keep your personal number private and better separate your work and personal communications.

4) Your PBX hardware breaks down

Traditional PBX equipment can break down and take your business down with it. Using a cloud-based virtual PBX from RingCentral saves you from equipment disasters. RingCentral’s cloud PBX is housed in multiple Tier 1 data centers and features layers of redundancy and failover technology to guard against hardware failures. If a power outage, bad weather, or a major disaster happens in your area, your communications will continue uninterrupted. Even if internet service goes down, RingCentral users can call, fax, text, and host conference calls and online meetings using their mobile devices via cellular data networks.

With RingCentral, you can avoid all of these nightmares and turn all of your business communications into a dream.