Interested in assigning your RingCentral IP phone to a different extension? It’s an easy process, requiring just a couple of clicks in your RingCentral online account.

Take note, however: If you change the extension assignment of your IP phone through your online account, it is normal for the phone to reboot. The phone needs to sync the messages from the previously assigned extension to the new one.

To change the extension assignment on an IP phone, simply log in to your online account and navigate to Settings>Phone System>Phones and select the phone you’d like to reassign. Select the extension you’d like to use in the drop-down menu under “Assigned to” and click the “Save” button.

Here, a Polycom 321 is assigned to extension 204:

The same phone is now assigned to extension 99999:

As soon as “Save” is clicked, the phone displays as, “Reboot initiated.”

In fewer than two minutes, the phone should be ready to make and receive calls using the newly assigned extension.

If you’d like more guidance on the extension-assignment process, you may want to visit our Knowledge Base for basic steps on setting up your phone. Also check out our user guides for supported phone models.