picnictable Labor Day weekend is here – the time to celebrate the end of the summer with a barbecue, picnic or even a leisurely weekend get-away. Yet, for small business owners, holiday weekends are often spent working.

A common complaint when running a small business is that it is all-consuming, leaving little time for family, friends and other interests. Can a healthy work/life balance be achieved? The answer to this question lies in how you budget your time and what steps you take to differentiate between time working and time for other activities.

In a recent British study of small business owners, nearly 46% said being flexible with their working hours enabled them to achieve a healthy work/life balance. For some, this may mean squeezing in early-morning or late-at-night work – or catching up on tasks when others are enjoying the weekend.

Social media has certainly blurred the line between personal and business life, with business owners checking Facebook accounts and tweeting on their days off to stay current with customers or to keep tabs on what competitors are doing. The same study of small business owners concluded that more than 10% have no separation between their personal life and business and basically live their brand in everything they do. Certainly, pressure to stay connected at all times has made it more challenging to truly focus attention away from work.

While technology can make it seem as though business is 24/7, it can also be utilized to enable more downtime. For example, RingCentral’s Call Controller can be used to screen callers or route calls while away from the office. You can choose to take important calls that cannot wait, while routing all other calls to an auto-receptionist.

Other steps to clock more hours away from work include carving out specific time when no shop talk is allowed, getting strong business allies whom you can count on when you need time off and simply acknowledging that making time for rest, fun and exercise is vitally important to maintaining your energy and enthusiasm in your business over the long term.

From the RingCentral team, we hope you enjoy this holiday weekend – whether you’ll be choosing to work or taking some well-deserved time off.