In the increasingly multichannel world of customer service, the telephone continues to dominate as a primary channel of communication. Due to its ease of use, it is still the go-to method for customers who want quick solutions for their issues. Acting on this insight, Zoho Desk, the industry’s first context-aware help-desk software, has integrated with RingCentral cloud communications solutions. Zoho Desk’s unique value lies in giving users all the context they need from right within the interface. The integration with RingCentral Office is a great fit with this paradigm, marrying cloud communications with the help desk.

Ring, ring, right on your screen

With this integration in place, incoming calls to a RingCentral number can be routed to Zoho Desk and handled right at the help desk. Agents can associate these calls with existing support tickets or log them as new ones.

A call center at your fingertips

The integration brings in features like single-click dialing, screen pop-ups for incoming calls, and automatic call logging directly to the help-desk interface. This ensures that users enjoy a high level of control and convenience.

A face to every caller

While on a call, agents have access to in-depth contextual information. Customer details can be pulled from Zoho Desk, and agents can see recent ticket conversations involving that customer during the call. This creates a better understanding of both the customer and the issue at hand.

Your call center, your way

Teams that already have RingCentral softphones or physical phone setups can supplement their existing systems with this integration. You get all the benefits of Zoho Desk’s context-rich ticketing systems with the communications platform you trust.

Providing users a heightened level of control and insight into customer information, this integration with RingCentral Office takes Zoho Desk a giant leap forward in context awareness.

Learn more about the integration here.