People send billions of texts everyday. In fact, the new generation workforce texts more than they email. Unfortunately, texting at work remains inefficient and unprofessional. Why do I need to use my personal mobile number to text customers or colleagues? Or why can’t I text the Bank of America phone number listed on their website and then receive a text response? All this is now possible with RingCentral.

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the industry’s first SMS for business phone systems. Read our press release here.

RingCentral now offers one business number – for voice, fax, and now SMS. Business SMS will enable RingCentral customers to send/receive text messages to/from their customers, colleagues and even departments. This SMS capability will be device-agnostic, meaning you can pick up or reply to an SMS on any device – your smartphone, tablet, or even PC.

Business SMS works with our Android and iOS apps. This feature will be available to new customers at the end of December 2012. We’ll begin migrating existing customers in batches from January through April 2013.

RingCentral is re-imagining business communications. We’re building products that meet the needs of today’s distributed workforce. Our Cloud Touch Platform allows you to set up and manage your entire business phone system using a smartphone or tablet, even from the beach; Cloud Presence extends presence beyond desk phones to mobile devices; Cloud Connect integrates RingCentral with Google, Box and Dropbox, enabling customers to share documents in the cloud and enhancing productivity.

Stay tuned for more innovations. For now, take Business SMS for a test drive and let us know what you think!