RingCentral’s security enhancements are gaining recognition in the enterprise IT marketplace.

Today, Skyhigh Networks’ CloudTrust Program awarded RingCentral Office with its highest security score of “Enterprise-Ready”. RingCentral Office joins a number of well-known cloud business services in receiving the certification: Box, Marketo, Salesforce and DocuSign have all been named Enterprise-Ready by Skyhigh.

Signature Image Q1 2014 small Skyhigh – headquartered, like RingCentral, in Silicon Valley – collaborated with the Cloud Security Alliance to develop its evaluation methodology. The company looks at five key categories to assess security readiness:

  • Data attributes
  • User and device attributes
  • Service attributes
  • Business attributes
  • Legal attributes

We are excited to have won Enterprise-Ready classification, as data protection has long been a priority for us. We operate data facilities on both coasts – in San Jose, Calif. and Vienna, Va. – so as to maximize data integrity and redundancy, and we are constantly probing our proprietary platform for security gaps.

RingCentral has also been proactive about enhancing client-side security: In November, for example, we enhanced our password requirements and added two-step authentication for RingCentral customers.

Skyhigh’s certification validates all of our efforts – and we’re seeing the benefits of installing top-tier security requirements. Far fewer fraud attempts are being perpetrated on the RingCentral network than was the case just a year ago, a sign that our systems and controls are sufficiently robust to deter would-be fraudsters.

2014-03-04_11-32-14 Skyhigh’s announcement comes as RingCentral continues to introduce enterprise-grade telephony features. Our latest platform release included Shared Lines and Paging, as well as enhanced mobile features to make connecting with remote employees easier than ever.

We have also made big strides in performance with recent platform updates (perhaps you noticed when navigating your online account), and we enjoyed true carrier-grade uptime in 2013 of 99.999 percent.

We are thrilled to be recognized as an “Enterprise-Ready” solution – and look forward to making Office even better in the year to come!