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A New Senior Exec, a Renewed Focus on the Customer Experience

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RingCentral just welcomed a new senior executive into its ranks: Walt Weisner, formerly of WebEx Communications, Shoretel and Good Technology.

I sat down with Walt, whose title is Senior Vice President of Global Customer Care, to find out what prompted him to join RingCentral.

BF: Welcome.

WW: Thanks.

You had been advising RingCentral prior to joining the team, so you were already part of the family (so to speak). Why come on board on a full-time basis?

Well, I’ve always had a passion for cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. I gravitate towards that kind of business because there’s a real opportunity to do things differently from a customer perspective.

SaaS is all about recurring revenue. That means you have to win loyalty in every interaction. RingCentral is very forward-looking, so there’s a real opportunity to bring this loyalty-first concept to fruition.

Can you talk a little more about that? Picture2

Sure. When you’re talking about selling a physical product – a car, say – there’s just that single point of contact between the company and the end user. When you’re selling a service, though (and that’s what RingCentral is doing), you have a multitude of touch points.

For me, that’s really exciting. The objective is to build a framework for delighting customers every time you interact with them.

This sounds like it’s bigger than any one department.

Yep. If you’re a recurring-revenue business, you have to delight your customer base in order to thrive. That’s the goal across RingCentral’s sales, marketing, product, operations and care teams.

This is a pivot moment for us as a company – people here are looking to rally around the customer experience.

What does that entail?

Our success will ultimately come down to how our customers perceive value in their relationship with us. For something as important as a communications system, that means providing more than just technology. We want to curate experiences that will serve as the basis for long-term relationships with our customers.

Customer experience is something the biggest companies take very seriously. So RingCentral’s focus on it speaks volumes about the vision that the executive team has.

What is that vision?

We really want to be known as the industry leaders in terms of customer experience.

Are there any other companies that have made the customer experience a priority?

Sure. Apple and Amazon are two good examples. They’re not technology companies – instead, they’re selling an experience.

EBay is another. Several years ago, eBay was focused mainly on its product. When [CEO] John Donahoe came in, he changed the culture by requiring his direct reports to shift their attention to the customer. I think it’s paid off for eBay.

So this is a business decision.

Yes. Having delighted customers – the kind who are not only loyal but will speak highly of you to others – is simply good for business. We see this as a win-win, for both the RingCentral organization and our customers.

We’re excited to see what Walt has in store!

Originally published Oct 25, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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