budget friendly

Believe it or not – you can stay on a tight budget and launch a successful startup.

Certain tools you’ll have to pony up for, like that Adobe Creative Suite subscription. But new entrepreneurs should take advantage of all the affordable—and often free—tech tools out there. Check out these seven to start.

1) Dropbox

Why you need it: To store everything and access it all from anywhere.

What it is: Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to access all your documents, photos, videos and more from any device. Edit and upload anything to Dropbox, then pull it up later from your computer, phone or tablet.  Share projects with clients or coworkers; always have a backup and know your files are safe and secure.

2) OmniFocus

Why you need it: To manage all your work tasks.

What it is: OmniFocus transforms your thoughts into a to-do list. Type out your ideas and this app will turn them into achievable goals. This cloud service will let you manage these tasks and check them off from anywhere.

3) RingCentral

Why you need it: To allow for more convenient communication.

What it is: RingCentral provides a service that combines voice, text and fax into one. Use the cloud to connect with clients, investors and coworkers from anywhere. This business phone system makes communication easy.

4) PortableApps

Why you need it: To take software with you.

What it is: PortableApps offers packaged software that you can load onto a USB. You won’t need to use a custom code or change the base application to take your favorite Windows software with you. The most popular programs, like Audacity and Open Office, are accessible from anywhere with this tool.

5) TheSquareFoot

Why you need it: To find a co-working space.

What it is:  TheSquareFoot will help you decide where to launch your startup. Narrow down your options with location, the price of rent, available square footage and more. You can save some extra cash by networking with other entrepreneurs, plus share high-tech equipment with others at co-working spaces – like the HarlemGarage, powered by 300 Mbps FiOS Internet from Verizon.

6) HootSuite

Why you need it: To make social media management a breeze.

What it is: HootSuite is a social media tool that allows you to juggle all your accounts. Post and share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more with this tool. Schedule posts ahead of time, view analytics and interact with consumers – all from one place.

7) Odesk

Why you need it: To easily hire a ready-to-work contractor.

What it is: Odesk has a database full of employees for any tasks your startup may need. Read portfolios and reviews, then virtually interview people to complete the process. Soon enough, you’ll have a temporary employee to complete those necessary to-dos.