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Latest 6.6 Launch Exhibits New Features


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We are excited to unveil all the new features that come with our 6.6 launch! Our team is constantly working to update our solution and bring you the latest up-to-date technologies that makes your work life easier and more convenient. We are committed to helping you eliminate the complicated settings and configurations of on-premise systems and making it simple to connect and scale your business and distributed workforces. Check out the newest features, latest updates, and overall enhancements we’ve made to RingCentral with our 6.6 release.

RingCentral for Zendesk

zendesk (2) We are thrilled to present to you RingCentral for Zendesk. Easily enable efficiency for your business communications and provide the freedom and flexibility for your workforce with our latest integration, and provide a better customer experience with more efficiency. Our Zendesk integration allows for automatic ticket creation when a call arrives which ensures that no time will be wasted!

When an incoming call is received, a matching Zendesk end user automatically displays. There is no software to install for this—it works entirely in the cloud on any browser. Zendesk integration is now available on any computer, so you can access it anytime from a PC or Mac.

Users can also bring efficient support to their customers with quick and convenient dialing options. Easily control your calls with transfer, hold and mute options during the call. There is also one-click to dial from an end user account. (Please note, Zendesk Integration is only available to Office Premium and Enterprise accounts in U.S., Canada, and the U.K.)

High Definition Voice

Now you can make and receive HD voice calls with the RingCentral system! We have increased the bandwidth on your accounts, so users can enjoy clearer conversations with reduced background noise. Whether you’re using RingCentral for Desktop or  your desk phone (conference phones and cordless phones are both supported as well) users will now experience enriched voice communications. (HD voice is also supported on the RingCentral Mobile App.)

Secure Phone Communication 

As always, security is of the utmost importance to us. We have made improvements to security on all tiers and editions of the RingCentral service. Prevent eavesdropping and tampering with secure VoIP calls. We provide TLS/SRTP secure voice on all RingCentral endpoints including desk phones, RingCentral for Desktop, and our mobile apps.

We provide call encryption enabling on all end points among RingCentral services. Enable a TLS connection to perform secure communication transactions. We also provide privacy and data integrity between two communicating entities with RingCentral services. We do this by safeguarding communication and preventing unauthorized interception of audio streams.

Intuitive UI for Administrators and Users

Service_Web_w_Spartan (2) Based on customer feedback, we have included new UI and navigation for the Service Web with this latest release. The updates and enhancements are based on operational functions of all RingCentral account tiers and editions. We provide a simple interface for users to easily access commonly needed settings and functions based on individual roles within your company.

With separate Admin Portals and individual Extension settings, an administrator can configure company-wide phone systems with admin-only features and tools without the confusion of the call settings for his extension. We’ve also included new navigation, new icons and new locations for conference, RingOut and FaxOut. The new UI is much more intuitive and easier to access for all users.

Sidecars Available to Purchase for Desk Phones

VVX-410 We have expanded the phone offers based on customers’ business needs. We now provide telephone attendants with the flexibility to manage multiple and/or simultaneous telephone calls on a daily basis. This is for front desk users or anyone in telephony who needs access to a command station to view multiple presences.

Desk phones with available new sidecars to purchase include Polycom VVX 410 & 500. This is an integrated communication solution with unmatched quality, reliability and value! (Phone rental options are also available.)

Increased Uniform Communication 

We have also updated some key features of our user interface for more unified telephony. We have changed the number of rings to duration. For example, one ring sound is now equivalent to 5 seconds, no matter what device you are on. This update has allowed us to enhance the settings of custom audio for templates, so users can now apply selected templates directly from within their user settings.

Originally published Nov 13, 2014, updated Oct 23, 2020

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