6.4 release We are pleased to announce that our 6.4 launch, for RingCentral Office users, is happening today! At RingCentral, our mission is to help elevate your business, and we have a few new features that will aid your business flow and help keep you organized. Take a look at the new features below to see how you can integrate them into your IT and business models.

Service Web Reports. 

Gain essential insight into how your company utilizes your phone system to enhance business performance.

Reports_Summary Easily check your company’s productivity and progress through summaries of call queue, user activity, and phone numbers. Get up-to-date call reports on company wide performance. Or, break down performance by department and even by person. You can check how many calls are being received by your sales and marketing team, IT team, or any other group of people within the company. Break it down further by assessing how many calls a single sales person is missing. Check which users are under or over performing—a great feature for any support or sales team.

Tracking call quantity will lead to better work balance for managers. In the future, you can better understand workloads among employees and have more efficient call handling processes in place. Historical analysis leads to better company wide performance all around!

Templates for Group Configuration

Easily apply common phone system settings to multiple users at once with RingCentral Templates.

Templates_Main_Screen This new feature enables administrators to apply multiple configurations with less effort and allows you to apply batch configurations to several users at one time. Instead of setting up phones individually per person, you can use a template for 20 users (for example) saving you time and energy. This simplifies configurations for a group of users.

Why are templates great? So many reasons! Increase IT productivity by applying the same settings to multiple users at once. Templates are easy to deploy and make it easier to change user settings and advance call handling rules.

We hope you enjoy these new features brought to you exclusively by RingCentral. Elevating your business has never been easier.

 [Please note: Service Web Reports feature is currently only available to U.S. based customers using any of the RingCentral Office Editions. The Templates feature is currently available to U.S. and U.K. customers using RingCentral Office. Stay tuned for further release information for Canada and the U.K.]