5 Ways You Can Listen to Your RingCentral Voicemail

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If by chance you happen to encounter any difficulty accessing your voicemail in the usual manner, know that there are actually five different options available to you.

You may use:

1) The RingCentral app

iOS 2) The RingCentral online account interface

Messages inbox 3) The RingCentral softphone (formerly known as Call Controller)

4) A VoIP phone (a RingCentral-issued model or a third-party one that was manually provisioned)

voip phone ringcentral

5) A regular phone (regular landlines, mobile phones and IP phones NOT manually provisioned to work with RingCentral) by dialing your own RingCentral number

If you haven’t downloaded the RingCentral apps yet, you may follow these links: iPhone/Android/BlackBerry.


Originally published Mar 12, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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